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We welcome you to the Hotel Los Agustinos, part of the Aranzazu Hoteles group.

The Hotel Los Agustinos is a steeped in history. Since its inauguration in 1373, it has successively been a convent, a military garrison, a jail and a hospital. Since 1989, the building is a magnificent 4-star hotel with 62 spacious and functional rooms. This year we have turned 25.

Located in the centre of the town of Haro, next to the Breton theatre and 300 metres from the Winery Quarter and the Winemaking Research Station, the Hotel Los Agustinos is the perfect accommodation to enjoy tourist visits to the most iconic wineries in La Rioja. In the evening, the magnificent cloister of the Hotel Los Agustinos is the ideal place to enjoy a drink or a good book.

We invite you to enjoy the capital of Rioja Wine, Haro, staying in the Hotel Los Agustinos. Book your room through our website under the best conditions and let us know your preferences so we can personalise your stay. We are delighted to welcome you!

Welcome to the Hotel Los Agustinos.